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Yes, you read right. Train like a celebrity, eat like a celebrity = Celebrity Body!

Exercise incorrectly (or not at all), eat whatever you want = No celebrity body. It's as simple as that!

Here at OC Life Fitness, we help you reshape and transform your body into a work of wonder. You pick the celebrity body and we'll tell you what you need to do to get your body towards that direction. Popular picks include Megan Fox, Mario, Ryan Gosling, Britney, and Kelly Ripa.

Follow our celebrity workout regimen (click to see results!) and you absolutey will. But don't take our word for it. Read our client testimonials (lots of before/after pics) and success stories to see how OC Life Fitness changed their lives.

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Check Out Matt's Progress!

Come visit us for a free, no obligation, no sales pitch, no hassle personal training workout and see how DIFFERENT our approach is compared to what you're used to. We are the first and only personal training team to offer celebrity style workouts that are guaranteed to get you in shape and out of your funk.

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Rick Saw A Tremendous Change Inside and Out!

OC Life Fitness is month-to-month.

Everything at OC Life Fitness is month-to-month. Our view is that if you don't like the results you're seeing, why keep paying? We're confident that you'll like our program and we know that you'll like your new body. But if for whatever reason you don't, at least you know you can cancel at the end of each month.

We're not here to take your money and run. We're here to improve your overall "you"... your body, your mind, your sexiness, your confidence...your celebrity in you!!

See for yourself why many consider us the # 1 Irvine personal trainer. Reviewed positively on Yelp, Google, and many other acclaimed companies.

Rick L. Says.... I've lost 50 lbs (180 to 130) since I started training with Danny. I used to work out on my own for years but wasn't seeing any results, because I was a constant muncher and would eat anything in sight even though I wasn't hungry. However, this bad habit of mine slowly stopped after signing up with Danny; he would constantly call me to make sure I'm sticking to the diet plan, and if I slip a meal or two he would always motivate me and get me refocused again on the spot.

The workouts are never boring either. I've seen other trainers at the gym giving their clients the same routine everyday, but with Danny, I never know what to expect. I was doing different exercises every session, even though I may be hitting the same muscle groups. And sometimes, he'll even meet up with me on an off day and hit up 24 to get a little extra session in (and obviously to make sure I wasn't slacking when he's not around).

I definitely don't regret signing up with Danny Lee !!

Marie Says.... Danny is a great trainer and is very passionate about what he does in helping his clients meet their goals. I've had the opportunity in having Danny as my substitute trainer several times, when my trainer was unable to train me. And let me tell you, he will not treat you any different! He will take you in like one of his own and get you leaving the gym without disappointment. I know allot of the other trainers there, and everyone has different ways of training. But Danny's style won't let you down. He will go the extra mile and email/call you to check up on your diet plan as well. If you're looking to get fit, lose weight, or get healthy, Danny Lee is the guy to train with.

Howard S. Says.... I worked out with Danny for about 6 months and I have to say that not only did I improve the way I look, but I gained knowledge of "how to" work out from him. I have to say that I was an employee of various big gyms out there and have trained with various trainers and not once did I feel like the trainers had my best interest at heart. Danny definitely listens to your goals and caters a workout plan specific to what you're going for and guides you along the way.

I know a lot of people are skeptical and say to themselves "I don't need a trainer. I know what to do and how to work out" but to those, I ask if you think Kobe or MJ had a basketball trainer? Someone showing them a new perspective to perfect their shot and get to the next level? They most certainly did. I'm sure those two had the right, if any, to say that they didn't need a trainer, but they will assuredly say they probably wouldn't have gotten to where they were without one.

So basically if you haven't gotten to your goal year after year and still wondering how or why, call up Danny and let him help you get there. Cheers.

Julie U. Says.... I'm one of those people who have always played sports and in general, tried to take good care of myself. I worked out regularly on my own and eat healthy and clean the majority of the time (save the occasional margarita and Mexican food). After getting engaged in December 2011, I knew it was time to take my fitness routine to the next level and break through the plateau my body (and I) have been living with for years...enter, Danny!

My (new) fiance and I have been training with Danny for about 6 weeks now and are raving fans. In the first 4 weeks I lost almost 3% body fat and inches overall. My fiance has lost upwards of 10 pounds and I have noticed a huge difference in his body.

As a trainer, Danny is the perfect fit. He knows when to push you and when to back off. He's extremely flexible with his schedule and is always willing to accommodate. No two workouts are the same and his 'off-day' cardio and meal plans are not so extreme that they are unreasonable to follow.

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